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I am writing to you to thank all the staffs at Harmony House who have made a massive differnce in our lives. To start with the young men who came to paint part of our house, Ben, Jamie, Jamie and also the ones who  I cannot rememeber their names at present. Also those who help with our laundry. So once again on behalf of my husband and my children we thank your team again. Thank you.

(Mrs Sookham) 


Harmony House have been the only one to recognise what carers of disabled children need. I have for many years tried to tell Social Services that help around the home is what carers need. I would hate to see the services that Harmony House offers come to an end- at last I have found the service invaluable and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone involved. Please keep it going.

(Mrs R.C)


The work I had done was better than my neighbours and they paid, they worked fast and hard. They have helped tidy my kitchen hall and bedroom and are a credit to your company.

The two lads were Kevin and Stewart, I would have them working for me any time a real credit to your service and any employer would be proud to have them working for them, I would gladly give them a reference.

(Mrs S.F)


I am very pleased and have found the IT Support to be life changing, I have found it invaluable to have somebody come into my home and teach me from scratch, how to successfully use the computer and access information. It is good to have 1:1 tuition.

The staff are very pleasant, helpful and patient.

(Ms C.P)


I have found this service very helpful as it has taken alot of pressure of me. Being as the service is free it helps me as I am not working.

The staff are very friendly and very helpful.

(Ms L.E)


I am very pleased with Terrie and Ashley.  I have found them very, very polite and helpful.  They seem very happy to be doing their job.  I am very happy with the work they do i.e. in the bedroom, bathroom and wetroom, stairs.  A Very Very Good Service!!

I did not realise the impact it would have on ourday, we now have more time to spend with our daughter doing things that matter, it takes the pressure off a bit.

I would like to use this service from after Christmas; can I request the same staff as they know the house, rooms etc

(Mr G T)




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